Why Apartment Owners Need Professional Resurfacers

November 27th, 2020

Many people invest in apartment complexes to give other individuals a place to live. They also do so in order to earn a decent living as regular rent payments flow in month after month. Of course, not all of that cash is profit. Landlords have to put money back into their units after tenants move out and before they can go on the market again. Sometimes, they must spend funds while the apartments are occupied to ensure that the ones living there remain happy and content.

It is not uncommon for drywall patches to be necessary from time to time. Light fixtures and wall outlets may need attention too. Rooms often require freshening up with paint, carpeting, or tile as well. There can be issues with bathtubs, sinks, and countertops that must be addressed. After all, some renters can be pretty rough with them. Apartment owners can opt to replace them, but that can get quite expensive.

Thankfully, landlords have an alternative option that will not leave them breaking the bank: resurfacing. Refinishing tubs, sinks, and counters can come out much cheaper than full-blown remodels. So call a professional resurfacer before letting plumbers and carpenters start gutting your units. Doing so can be more advantageous in the long run.


What Happens To Apartment Bathtubs?

If tenants do not clean their bathtubs as well as they should, their finishes can get stained, so much so that no amount of chemicals or scrubbing will remove the blemishes. People can also accidentally drop objects on bathtub surfaces, causing them to chip. When tubs are discolored and beat up, managers run into trouble leasing apartment units because most people do not want to deal with them day in and day out.

Resurfacing services make bathtubs look new again. Aside from refinishing, we can also install patented lift and turn drains, which go over existing drains. Additionally, permanent anti-slip bottoms can be constructed to replace bath mats.


Why Might Countertops Need To Be Refinished?

Kitchen and bathroom countertops can take a beating in an apartment setting. For starters, the surfaces can sustain burns from curling irons or cigarettes. Counters also acquire dents, scratches, and holes over time. Those blemishes occur from people cutting and slicing foods directly on them. They become apparent from pots, pans, and other dishes being slid across them as well. Refinishing is the perfect solution for fixing those problems and improving the aesthetic appeal of kitchens and baths.


How Apartment Sinks Get Damaged

Like bathtubs, sink finishes can get chipped by falling objects. They can also get stained from all sorts of things such as hair dyes, steel wool pads left sitting, and rusting overflows. Soap scum and buildup often leave behind stains too.

Sinks do not have to be left in such dire states, though. Nor do building owners need to spend an arm and a leg to get them replaced. Instead, they can have the washbasins refinished and make them beautiful again. Contact CDH Resurfacing Solutions to schedule an appointment today.