Signs Your Countertop Needs Resurfacing

September 25th, 2020

Countertops are an absolute must in any kitchen. They are used multiple times a day, so after a few years, they will probably look worn out. A battered countertop will affect the overall appearance of your kitchen. Even if it is not yet time to remodel your kitchen, resurfacing your countertop could breathe new life into the space. To determine if you should get that service right now, watch for any of these indications:

Stains And Discoloration

Countertop materials like limestone stain easily, and the same goes for granite and quartzite if they are not properly sealed. Removing stains on countertops is tricky. A combination of soap and water is not enough, but you also can’t use harsh chemicals as they might damage the material. Thus, over time, your countertop will likely collect a plethora of stains and discoloration. Those do not appealing at all.

If you want to preserve that brand-new feel of your kitchen, consider resurfacing your countertop.

Cracks On Your Countertop

Constant use and contact with abrasive materials can cause cracks to form on countertops. This is a common problem among wooden countertops. Aside from cracks being unsightly, they can also be a haven for germs and bacteria. Bits of food and dirt could slip into the cracks and be difficult to get out.

Naturally, smaller cracks can be repaired or resealed. But resurfacing is a more economical and practical option if your countertop has a lot of large cracks in it.

Burn Marks On Countertops

Countertop materials are expected to withstand heat, but occasional burn marks are inevitable, especially if you do not use pads or trivets. You may be able to remove light burn marks with some scrubbing, while more stubborn burn marks may be fixed with sealants. But when those stubborn burn marks start to overwhelm your countertop, resurfacing may be necessary.

Your Countertop Is Eroding

Daily wear and tear lead to erosion of countertop materials after a while. Low-end materials naturally erode faster than high-end materials. Either way, if you have had the same countertop for a long time, you are likely to encounter this issue. Once it starts to happen, we suggest resurfacing your countertop immediately so as to avoid contaminating your food. Do not let it get to the point when you start to see the materials beneath the surface of your countertop.

Your Countertop Is Outdated

Is your countertop older than your kids? Or has it simply been around since you moved in? Seeing and using the same countertops for years soon becomes tiring. You deserve a new countertop, one that follows the latest kitchen trends. Resurfacing your countertop will restore it to pristine condition, which might just revive your enthusiasm for cooking.

Countertops are one of the most useful features in any residential space. But like all good things, countertops can get old and worn out. When they do, not only will they become somewhat of an eyesore, but they will also be unhygienic. Your countertop’s functionality and appearance are equally important in your daily life. If you want to learn more about resurfacing your countertops, contact CDH Resurfacing Solutions.