Resurfacing doesn't just make your bathtub look new again, it can actually keep you and your family safe

November 6th, 2020

Each day, children bathe in it, play in it and are washed carefully in it. Yet, according to a special report on the April 19, 1995 edition of Good Morning America, porcelain bathtubs are one of America's most unexpected sources of lead exposure for children. Lead poisoning is currently considered the number one environmental health danger for children by the Centers for Disease Control.

Continued testing of bathtubs has confirmed the presence of leachable lead in porcelain bathroom fixtures.

Lead comes from cast iron or steel tubs coated with a porcelain glaze. As the glaze wears down from age and use, the lead in the glaze can leach into bath water. Young children who drink bathwater or put their wet hands or toys in tubs installed before 1985 most likely have lead in their glaze.

Lead is a poison that can impact every aspect of the human body.

It has been determined that about 75% of pre-1978 bathtubs have lead in their glaze and that about 40% of these tubs will have measurable levels of lead dust when dust samples are collected from the surface of the glaze. Older claw foot tubs, like well-appointed front doors, are another popular retro salvage yard item.

The compound that CDH Resurfacing uses on your bathtub seals the lead in preventing further leaching. So, you can rest assured that when CDH resurfaces your tub, you can be confident knowing that CDH uses an environmentally safe, green product to keep your tub safe and looking like new!