How Long Does Bathtub Resurfacing Last?

January 8th, 2021

Bathtub resurfacing is a great alternative to bathtub replacement. It’s far more cost-effective because it doesn't involve expensive demolition and installation. Bathtub resurfacing is also a great way to fix issues like cracks and chips. Finally, bathtub resurfacing can also include modifications like a walk-in tub modification or an inlay that can help save you money on expensive accessibility modifications. Bathtub refinishing has a number of benefits, but a lot of people are curious if resurfacing lasts very long. The answer is simple, bathtub resurfacing can last you years but it requires the right process and care.


Always Work With Professionals For Resurfacing


There are a lot of products on the market and tips for DIY bathroom resurfacing. Unfortunately, these DIY processes do not offer any longevity. In fact, if done incorrectly bathtub resurfacing can actually shorten the lifespan of your tub. Professional resurfacing is more than simply applying a new finish to the tub, it is a full refurbishment of the tub. Here is a basic overview of the professional process:


  1. The process starts by prepping the area to ensure that the refinishing process is done safely with proper ventilation and with no mess.
  2. Next, the surface of the tub is deep cleaned with professional-grade cleaners to ensure that the refinishing product will properly adhere to the surface.
  3. The caulking and fixtures are removed and the overflow covered.
  4. Any chips, cracks, and dent are filled and sanded to a smooth surface texture.
  5. The tub is then sanded and sometimes has a light etching with acid depending on the finish. This is followed by a vacuum to make sure the dust particles are cleared.
  6. The primer is applied in several even coats with adequate drying time and sanding in between.
  7. Next, the color of the topcoat is applied in multiple even coats with drying time and sanding in between.
  8. Finally, the tub is buffed to a pristine shine.


If done professionally, a bathtub resurfacing can last up to 20 years.


Follow The Maintenance Guidelines


Another important piece to the longevity of your bathtub resurfacing is maintenance. Once your tub is refinished, you should talk to your resurfacing professional for their recommendations for cleaning and maintenance. Fortunately, professionally refinished bathtubs are far easier to maintain than DIY refinished tubs. You want to be always careful to avoid abrasive cleaners and cleaning tools. Otherwise cleaning a refinished bathtub is pretty straight forward:


  • Rinse the tub thoroughly to remove any excess debris like hair, bits of soap, or dirt.
  • Apply a non-abrasive cleaner and let it sit until the soap scum and limescale begins to come off easily.
  • Wipe the tub down with a non-abrasive cleaning tool like a microfiber towel and scrub tough areas with a soft-bristle brush.


It’s that simple.


If you’re thinking about having your tub resurfaced, call the professionals at CDH Resurfacing Solutions. We offer a range of options to transform your old bathtub into something beautiful and new. With our professional installation and maintenance tips, your resurfaced tub can last its full lifespan.