Give Hotel Guests A Wonderful Experience With Bathroom Resurfacing

October 19th, 2020

Have you ever stayed in a hotel with a grimy and stained bathtub, chipped countertops, or discolored sinks If so, then you know how much of a turn-off those things can be. They can make guests want to check out immediately and find other places to stay. Those who are willing to spend the night tend to avoid taking baths or showers. They would rather remain dirty than step foot in a nasty tub.

Hotel owners and managers should not leave unmaintained bathrooms as is. Doing so could lead to guests posting bad reviews on travel sites. When people research places to stay for vacation or work, they usually don't pick businesses with only one or two stars. Visitors typically go for hotels with higher ratings. So please do yourself a favor and give guests proper bathrooms with refinishing.

Remodeling can be more expensive than resurfacing fixtures. It is also time-consuming and forces managers or owners to close rooms. Our Commercial Division is comprised of highly skilled individuals. They have completed refinishing tasks in restaurants, bars, apartments, hotels, and similar establishments. They finish jobs expeditiously, and sometimes in only mere hours. It is also notable to mention that the fixtures are usable again in as little as two hours after the work is completed.

Now, let's take a look at some of the services we offer.


Tub Resurfacing

Bathtub restoration is ideal for repairing damaged tubs. The task eliminates blemishes and chips, making the tubs look good as new. It can also be a useful tactic for getting rid of bathtubs with outdated colors. We offer additional upgrades such as anti-slip bottoms too, which can help prevent slip-and-fall accidents. Our team can install a patented lift-and-turn drain that attaches to the existing drain as well. Those enhancements can set a hotel's bathrooms apart from competitors. They will keep travelers happy, content, and funneling through your doors.


Countertop Resurfacing

Countertops can get damaged by visitors from time to time. For one, some hotels have smoking rooms. If a person sets a lit cigarette or cigar on the counter, burns can come to fruition. The same can be said for when hot curling irons or hair straighteners are placed on them. Countertops can also become discolored as they age. Resurfacing can fix such issues and breathe new life into old counters in no time.


Sink Refinishing

Some hotels have both kitchen and lavatory sinks, while others only have one or the other. Whatever the case may be for your business, our sink refinishing services have you covered. Basins can get damaged accidentally by guests dropping items in them. They may also get stained by foods, hygiene products, and more, so much so that no amount of scrubbing will remove the discoloration. Allow our team to refinish your hotel's sinks to give them a more pleasing appearance.

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