Do Your Vanity & Sink Need Resurfacing?

September 18th, 2020

Things have certainly changed for a lot of people since the arrival of the COVID-19 virus. For many homeowners, it’s also driven home just how vital homeownership can be. It’s not just a place you can live in without worrying about answering to a landlord, it’s an investment, and it’s one that can be raised in value with a few crucial improvements.

The bathroom is one of the areas that can be obvious to target for home improvement, but not all changes have to be drastic. In some cases, a perfectly functional bathroom can get a new look and a new extension on its lifespan just by focusing on some of the key fixtures. The vanity counter or sink can be some of those things.

Water Is An Irresistible Force

When you’re brushing your teeth or rinsing your face with it, it can be difficult sometimes to remember that no force on Earth is more geologically powerful than water. Rivers, for example, have carved out vast spaces like the Grand Canyon, and it is the evaporation then subsequent cooling down of water from the ocean that plays a part in our weather systems.

The vanity counter and sinks get more regular usage for water than most of the other water fixtures in the home. Bathtubs may be used daily, or even only on special occasions, while shower stalls get used more often. However, vanity counters are used for getting ready to go out. In contrast, the sinks themselves are used for washing hands, shaving, brushing teeth, and many other activities. Over time, that’s a lot of wear and tear.

It Doesn’t Have To Be Replaced

Of course, as time passes and vanity counters and sinks get used, signs of degradation will be obvious. One sure-fire way to address this is to tear out the vanity counter and sink and have new ones installed. However, this solution, while workable, is also costly.

Another alternative is known as resurfacing. This involves applying a new, durable coating or layer on top of the existing one. When the job is finished, the resurfacing makes sinks look brand new. In the case of vanity counters, it can either completely renew the existing look or, if you prefer, bestow a new look and color scheme, almost as if you got a replacement installed.

A Cost-Effective Solution

One of the best things about choosing the resurfacing option is that it is both faster and cheaper than getting new fixtures installed. Nothing has to be torn out, no walls need to be repaired, and the layout of the bathroom doesn’t change.

At the same time, however, the bathroom now looks much newer and more modern, and this can even add a little bit more value to your home’s sale price. At the same time, the work is durable will provide many more years of reliable usage.

If you’ve got a bathroom that’s starting to show its age, and you’d like to improve it with some resurfacing, rather than a full remodeling, we can help. Contact CDH Resurfacing Solutions, and we can take a look at your vanity counter and sink to your resurfacing solution.